Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee




Section 1 – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee (SCDCC) hereafter referred to as the/this Committee.

Section 2 – Purpose

  1. This Committee shall conduct the business of the Democratic Party as charged to the County Central Committees by the State Election Code, the bylaws of the California Democratic Party State Central Committee and the bylaws of the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee.
  2. This Committee shall conduct campaigns for the Party and its candidates for public office, shall appoint committees, employ staff as deemed desirable, and conduct such other business as the policies and programs of the Party may require.
  3. This Committee may participate in the endorsement of State primary candidates through the regional endorsement procedures as outlined in Article VIII, Sections 1 and 2 of the California Democratic Party State Central Committee Bylaws.
  4. This Committee may endorse candidates for nonpartisan office as outlined in Article VIII, Section 3 of the California Democratic Party State Central Committee Bylaws, following procedures outlined in Article IX – Section 1 of these bylaws.
  5. This Committee may take positions on ballot measures as outlined by the Resolution Procedures contained in Article X – Section 1 of these bylaws, except that the Committee as a whole may not publicly take a position different from that of the California Democratic Party (CDP) when the State party formulates a position on a statewide ballot issue. Individual members may support or oppose ballot measures as they choose, but they may not identify themselves as party representatives when they choose to take a stand different from that of the Party.




Section 1 – Members

  1. This Committee shall consist of those members elected and/or appointed in conformance with the Elections Code of the State of California and of these bylaws.
  2. Elected members of this Committee shall be elected by Supervisorial Districts.
  3. The amount of members of this Committee for each Supervisorial District shall be determined by the most recent report of Democrat registration to the Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State’s office shall notify this Committee of registrations and the allocation of members to be elected under provisions of the Elections Code.
  4. All members of this Committee shall be duly registered members of the Democratic Party of California and reside in Stanislaus County.
  5. The members of this committee shall be elected by ballot during the Presidential Primary for a four year term and shall take office at the following January meeting of this committee.

Section 2 – Removal from Membership

  1. This Committee may remove any member if, during his/her term of membership, such member affiliates with or registers as a member of another party; publicly avows preference for another party; publicly advocates that the voters should not vote for the endorsed candidate of the Democratic Party for any office; or who publicly gives support to or avows a preference for a candidate nominated by another party; or fails to pay the prescribed dues as provided in Section 4 of this Article. Members may not be removed for advocating a vote for a candidate who is a Democrat in any non-partisan race or partisan primary in which the Party has endorsed another Democrat.
  2. Removal of a member may be effected in the following manner:
  3. For attendance:
    • An absence from the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Committee may be excused only for illness or temporary absence from the county. (California Election Code: Division 7#72131)
    • After two (2) consecutive absences, the member’s attendance status may be placed on the agenda as a reminder.  After three (3) consecutive non-excused absences, member’s name shall be placed on agenda for considerations for removal.  Removal can be made at this meeting by a simple majority vote of those present.
  4. For cause:
  • At least two members of the Executive Board must sign and submit to the Secretary of this Committee a written statement of charges containing the grounds for removal.
  • The Secretary of this Committee, upon receipt of the statement of charges, must send to the accused member by timely registered mail, a copy of the statement of charges and a letter stating: that the accused member may either resign or have a hearing before the Executive Board of this Committee.  At this hearing, the accused member shall be afforded an opportunity to respond to the statement of charges and to confront the witnesses against such member; and that such member may be represented by counsel at such hearing.  Such hearing shall be conducted in such fashion as to afford the accused member due process of law.
  • After such hearing upon motion for removal, the accused member may be removed by a vote of not less than 2/3 of the officers present and voting.

Section 3 – Vacancies in Committee Membership

  1. A vacancy on this Committee shall be deemed to exist in the event of the appointment or election to membership of an ineligible person; or whenever any member dies, resigns or is removed, becomes incapacitated to act, is removed from membership pursuant to Section 2 of this Article, resigns from public office, ceases to be a Central Committee county resident, assumes membership through other means, or ceases to be a member of the Party.
  2. Membership vacancies shall be filled as follows:
  3. At a regular monthly meeting, the Chair shall declare a vacancy exists.
  4. Notice of vacancies shall be given as much publicity as possible, including news media, particularly in the district where the vacancy exists.
  5. All members shall be notified of the vacancy prior to the next regular meeting.
  6. In filling vacancies on the Committee, due consideration shall be given to the nominees of a majority of the members of the Committee in the district where the vacancy occurs.
  7. At this meeting, the vacancy may be filled by a majority vote of the members present.

Section 4 – Membership Dues

  1. In order that all members share the financial burden of the Committee, annual dues of $36.00 per year for members and $18.00 per year for alternate and associate members are assessed.  The dues are payable to the Treasurer by the third (3rd) meeting after taking office.
  2. Any member who fails to pay the prescribed dues may be removed from the Committee in the manner prescribed in Section 2 of this Article, except that payment of dues shall not be obligatory for any member to whom it constitutes an economic hardship.
  3. A waiver of dues may be granted by the Executive Board. Said waiver shall be valid for one calendar year.
  4. Any member who fails to pay the prescribed dues shall not be entitled to vote until said dues are paid or waivers are granted as per subsection C.
  5. The name of any elected or appointed member who, without cause, fails to pay the prescribed dues shall be forwarded to the appointing member or the Chair of this Committee for the initiation of removal proceedings.

Section 5 – Alternate Members

  1. Any member of the Committee may, whether elected or ex-officio, appoint an alternate.  Such alternate members shall have the right to vote only with the written authorization of the member who appointed him/her.  An alternate member of the Committee shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Committee, and the Elections Code of the State of California.
  2. Alternate members shall be sworn in by the Chair either at the end of the meeting in which they are appointed or at the monthly meeting following his/her appointment.
  3. An alternate member must meet the same qualifications as the regular member who appointed him/her.
  4. When signed by a member, the following certification shall be deemed sufficient for appointment of an alternate member with the right to vote:  “I hereby appoint (full name of alternate) as my alternate with the right to vote in my absence.”
  5. Such appointment becomes valid on the date the appointment is made.  The original certification shall be filed with the Secretary at the meeting at which the alternate first holds appointment.  The alternate shall file one copy with the Chair of this Committee and one with the Stanislaus County Clerk.  The appointment letter need not be filed at the County Office of Elections prior to the meeting at which the Alternate first holds seat. The Secretary shall read list of alternate appointments at the beginning of the meeting, and report the list of eligible voting members for the meeting.
  6. The appointment is automatically revoked when an alternate no longer meets the same qualifications of membership as the member who appointed him/her or when the appointing member ceases to be a regular member of the Committee.  The appointment may also be revoked in writing at any time by the appointing member.
  7. Alternates are subject to removal as provided in Article II – Section 2.
  8. Ex-officio members of the Committee may appoint an alternate.  Alternates shall be subject to the rights and responsibilities listed in the Article II – Sections 2, 4, and 5 of these bylaws.  An Alternate shall be considered a regular member for the provisions of Article II – Section 2 of these bylaws.

Section 6 – Associate Members

  1. Associate members must be registered Democrats and shall serve at-large.
  2. Associate members do not have the privilege of voting at regular general meetings, they may participate in discussions of motions. As a standing committee member, they may vote within the standing committee in which they serve.
  3. Associate members may be removed from membership under provisions of Article II – Section 2 a. of these bylaws, but not for non-attendance.
  4. All associate members shall be duly registered members of the Democratic Party of California.

Section 7 – Clubs

  1. Each duly chartered club may have a liaison to this Committee. The liaison shall be a non-voting member of this committee unless they are a duly elected member or their alternate of this committee.
  2. Procedures for Club Chartering shall be found in Article XI – Chartering Volunteer Organizations or Clubs.




Section 1 – Officers

The officers of this Committee shall include:  Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2 – Election of Officers

  1. All officers shall be elected by the members by a signed ballot or roll call vote at the organizational meeting.
  2. At the September meeting prior to the January organizational meeting, the Committee shall make the decision as to whether the organizational meeting votes will be cast by signed ballot or roll call for those duly elected in the previous primary election.
  3. Each officer shall serve a four (two) -year term, (to be decided by this committee prior to voting on these By Laws), or;
  4. Until he/she is no longer a member of the Committee,
  5. Until his/her successor has been elected,
  6. Until he/she has been removed from office under Section 5 of this Article.


Section 3 – Duties of Officers

  1. All officers shall attend all meetings and executive board meetings unless illness or advance notice of absence is given to the Chair or Secretary of the SCDCC.
  2. The Chair shall:
  3. Preside at all meetings of this Committee and Executive Board meetings
  4. Have the power to call special meetings of this Committee and Executive Board.
  5. Decide upon the agenda for all regular and executive board meetings.
  6. Make all necessary appointments to committee positions and conduct Party business with the advice and consent of the Committee.
  7. Appoint a Parliamentarian who shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair. Said parliamentarian shall not be considered an officer.
  8. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  9. Appoint such committees as may be required to accomplish the goals of the Committee.
  10. Serve as this Committee’s representative at the State Party Executive Board Meetings; unless he/she declines at which time the membership of this committee shall elect a DSCC member from the SCDCC voting membership to serve.
  11. The Vice Chair shall:
  12. Preside at meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  13. Assume the duties of the Chair in the event of his/her legal, mental, or physical incapacity to act as Chair until such time as the new chair is elected.
  14. Act as a liaison from this Committee to organizations and/or clubs chartered by this Committee.
  15. Notify clubs of status regarding charter and necessary yearly responsibilities.
  16. The Secretary shall:
  17. Keep minutes of all meetings including special meetings.
  18. Send meeting notices to all members and alternates at least 5 days in advance of all regular meetings.
  19. Issue at least 72 hours notices for all special meetings to all members and alternates by the most effective means possible.
  20. Keep attendance records of members. These records shall be available for inspection at all Committee meetings, and copies will be made available to members upon request.  The Secretary shall remind members of attendance requirements as needed.
  21. Provide agendas and meeting minutes to those in attendance at regular meetings.
  22. Assist Chair with preparation of agendas and with periodic updating and verification of official membership files.
  23. Maintain current file of appointed alternates and make sure the alternate changes are forwarded to the Elections Office.
  24. Prepare a credentials report and quorum report at the start of each meeting.
  25. Send notes, letters, and other correspondence of a social and/or business nature on behalf of the Committee for events, such as loss of a member or member’s family, illness, special acknowledgements, invitations and RSVP’s, etc.
  26. The Treasurer shall:
  27. Receive all Committee funds and transmit them to the financial entity authorized by the Executive Board of this committee. Copies of the afore mentioned funds shall be made and kept for record purposes of this committee.
  28. Submit check requests signed by two officers to pay all bills as approved by the committee.
  29. Submit a written treasures report monthly.
  30. Cause to have completed in a timely fashion all reports required to be filed pursuant to state and federal guidelines.
  31. Serve as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Section 4 – Officer Vacancies

  1. When an office becomes vacant, the office shall be filled as follows:
  2. In order to fill a vacancy for the office of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer, a declaration of vacancy must be announced.
  3. At the next regular meeting following the declaration announcement, the position shall be filled by election of voting members present if possible.

Section 5 – Removal from Office

Any officer may be removed from office for reasons mentioned in Article II, Section 2, as well as for misconduct or neglect of duty in office but only following a vote to remove by 2/3 majority of membership present and voting at a meeting for which a notice was given to each Committee member at least 15 days prior to the meeting.  Those steps indicated in Article II, Section 2 shall be followed.

Section 6 – Election of SCDCC Delegates to the California Democratic Party State Central


Procedures governing election of Delegates to the State Party may be found in Article VIII of these bylaws.




Section 1 – Composition

The Executive Board shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Ways and Means Committee Chair for a total of five (5) voting members.  The Parliamentarian shall be an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board.

Section 2 – Duties of Executive Board

  1. The Board shall have administrative control over the affairs, funds and property of this Committee, except that of modifying any action taken by the Committee membership.
  2. The Board shall receive reports of committees as may be necessary between monthly Committee meetings.
  3. The Board shall submit policy recommendations to this Committee.
  4. The Board shall perform such other duties as this Committee’s bylaws or policies may require.

Section 3 – Executive Board Meetings

  1. The Executive Board shall meet at least quarterly or at the discretion of the Chair and/or the majority of the Executive Board members.  Said meeting shall be determined by the Chair with at least 72 hours prior notice to the Board members.
  2. Executive Board meetings shall be open to all regular Committee members.
  3. Members wishing to place items on the agenda for the Executive Board meeting shall notify the Chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting.
  4. The Executive Board may submit policy recommendations to the Committee.
  5. The Executive Board shall perform such other duties as outlined in these by-laws or policies adopted by this Committee.

Section 4 – Quorum at Executive Board Meetings

A quorum shall be at least three (3) Executive Board members.




Section 1 – Regular and Special Meetings

  1. All meetings of this Committee shall be governed by the Elections Code of the State of California, the Rules of the California State Democratic Central Committee, these bylaws, and the most current Revision of Robert’s Rules of Order with precedence in the order named.
  2. This Committee shall have a minimum of ten regular meetings per year.
  3. Special meetings may be called by the Chair, or by a signed request from 1/3 of the membership, provided that all members are notified of the special meeting.
  4. All items for consideration at a special meeting must be included as part of the special meeting announcement.
  5. Only the announced purpose of the special meeting shall be discussed at the meeting. No other business shall be allowed.
  6. Because of time constraints and the need for the SCDCC to address issues in a timely manner when it is deemed necessary by the Chair that  sufficient time does not exist to call a meeting of the SCDCC:
  • The Chair may ask the Secretary to notify the voting members of the SCDCC concerning issues needing immediate attention via e-mail, and/or telephone.
  • The voting members of the SCDCC may address said issues via e-mail, and/or telephone, ( up to and including casting votes on the issues to be addressed), and the outcome shall be deemed binding as if a special meeting were held.

Section 2 – Organizational Meeting

  1. In order to meet the timely reporting requirements of the State Democratic Party Rules, this Committee shall reorganize at the January regular meeting of the odd-numbered years.
  2. The agenda for the organizational meeting shall consist of:
  3. Presiding Officer’s Report
  • Announcement of results of previous primary election.
  • Announcement of elected members who have been sworn in at the elections office to date.
  1. Ratification of bylaws (a copy of bylaws shall be provided to all elected Committee members prior to the organizational meeting and shall be available to all others at the meeting.)
  2. Election of officers for two-year terms.
  3. Election of delegates to the State Central Committee (see Article VII of these bylaws.)
  4. Fill vacancies due to lack of candidates on the Presidential primary ballot.
  5. Orientation for new members and review for old members.

Section 3 – Quorum

A quorum at Committee meetings shall consist of 1/3 of the Committee membership.

Section 4 – Proxies

With the exception of alternate members as covered in Article II, proxies shall not be permitted at any regular meeting of the Committee.

Section 5 – Resolutions

Procedures for submission of resolutions to this Committee may be found in Article X of these bylaws.

Section 6 – Volunteer Organization or Club Chartering

Procedures for club chartering may be found in Article XI of these bylaws.

Section 7 – Endorsement of Candidates for Public Office

Procedures for endorsement of candidates may be found in Article IX of these bylaws.




Section 1 – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31.

Section 2 – Audit

  1. The books shall be audited once a year, 45 days after the year-end closing.
  2. The Finance Committee, or other(s) appointed by the Finance Committee shall conduct the audit.




(Refer to Committee Policies for operation and purpose of each committee)

Section 1 – Standing Committee Appointments

  1. With the exception of the Finance Committee, Chairs and/or Co-Chairs of standing committees shall be appointed by the Chair from the elected members and alternates of this Committee. The Chair shall review applications for committee chairmanships from elected members of the SCDCC who legally qualified for the ballot with 20 or more valid signatures before considering any other candidates for such positions. Only in such situations as there are NO legally qualified, elected members with 20 or more valid signatures who desire to be the chair of said committees, shall any other members of the SCDCC be considered for such chairmanships.
  2. Committee membership shall be appointed by the Chair, and can be drawn from elected members, alternate members and associate members.
  3. Committee meetings shall be called and meeting place decided by Standing Committee Chairs. Committee members must receive at least 72 hour prior notice of Committee meetings.
  4. Committee meetings shall be open to all members of this Committee, however, only standing committee members shall be allowed to vote on its business.

Section 2 – Consolidation of Committees

The Chair of this Committee, during his/her tenure, may consolidate, or if once done, de-consolidate standing committees as deemed appropriate.

Section 3 – Bylaws Committee

The committee shall maintain the bylaws and polices of the Committee reviewing them regularly assuring that they are current and in compliance with the Democratic National Committee,(DNC), State of California Democratic Party By-laws, and the California Election Code as well as review the By-laws of all chartered clubs and volunteer organizations within the jurisdiction of the SCDCC.

Section 4 – Finance Committee

  1. This committee shall oversee the finances of the Committee and develop with the Ways and Means Committee the annual  budget for the SCDCC.
  2. The committee shall each year advise all members of the central committee that all contributions received and made by the central committee shall conform to the requirements of the Political Reform Act, including the campaign contribution limits and disclosure requirements.  No agent or officer of the central committee may accept a contribution subject to an implied or express condition, understanding, or agreement that the contribution shall be made to another candidate or committee on behalf of another contributor, or while acting as the intermediary or agent for another, without disclosing to the recipient of the contribution the true identity of the contributor. Further the committee shall  each year advise all members of the central committee that any person making an agreement in violation of this provision acts outside the scope of his or her authority and such agreement shall be deemed void. All decisions regarding contributions and expenditures shall be made by the committee based on the political objectives and interests of the committee and subject to the procedures contained in these bylaws.
  3. This committee shall maintain a restricted fund to be referred to as the Donna Patterson fund. Ten per cent of all funds raised by this Committee shall be deposited in this separate account for the long term benefit of the SCDCC. Contributions may be solicited specifically for this fund. Only interest earned  on this fund may be expended for Committee purposes.

Section 5 – Election Committee

This committee shall be responsible for candidate recruitment and development, precinct captain program, and voter services including voter registration and liaison to Outreach Committee.

Section 6 – Outreach Committee

This committee shall be responsible for public relations, publicity, and community outreach and education. This shall include the Stanislaus County Fair Booth as well as other informational booths and events.

Section 7 – Ways and Means Committee

This committee shall be responsible for fundraising including the annual “Pat” Brown Award Dinner and the Spaghetti Dinner.

Section 8 – Ad-hoc or Special Committees

The Chair of this Committee shall appoint ad-hoc or special committees for a specific purpose and for a specific length of time as he/she deems necessary.




Section 1 – Election of State Democratic Central Committee Members

  1. The members of this Committee’s delegation to the State Democratic Convention shall be elected by this Committee.
  2. State Central Committee members shall be selected by this Committee at the  organizational meeting using the same election process as has been chosen for the officer elections by this Committee at its September even year meeting.
  3. The number of State Central Committee members to be elected shall be determined by the most recent report of registration from the office of the Secretary of State for the November even year election.

Section 2 – Eligibility/ Nomination/Election

  1. Eligible members shall be those elected members of this Committee in good standing at the time of the selection.
  2. The selection of State Central Committee Members shall reflect an equal representation of gender whenever reasonably possible.
  3. Alternate members may be selected as members of the State Central Committee if there are not sufficient members willing to serve.
  4. Associate members may become delegates or proxies
  5. Except as may be required by Section 1, subsection B. above, the candidate(s) with the most votes shall be elected.

Section 3 – Vacancies

Vacancies in the delegation shall be filled in the same manner as specified herein above.

Section 4 – Duties and Obligations

State Central Committee members shall be elected to serve a two-year term and shall be responsible for the payment of their State Party dues and all convention fees.




Partisan Endorsements

Section 1 – Presidential Endorsements

  1. Presidential endorsements are made by the Democratic National Convention according to the rules adopted by the Democratic National Committee.
  2. Each presidential candidate will hold a caucus within each Congressional district to elect delegates pledged to support them. The primary vote in each Congressional district will determine how many delegates that candidate receives.


Section 2—All Other Partisan Office Holders

Endorsement of candidates shall take place at a duly noticed Endorsing Convention of the State Democratic Party under the rules and by-laws of the State of California Democratic Party.


Nonpartisan Endorsements

Section 1 – Endorsement of Nonpartisan offices

  1. Endorsement of candidates for all local nonpartisan offices (defined here as all nonpartisan offices whose jurisdictions do not extend across county lines) shall be the exclusive responsibility of the relevant Democratic County Central Committee.
  2. A Democratic candidate for nonpartisan office who has been endorsed by this Committee shall also be considered to be the endorsed candidate of the California Democratic Party and shall be entitled to such privileges and benefits as may be attached thereto upon review of this Committees’ endorsement process by the California State Democratic Party.
  3. The SCDCC shall adopt procedures for local endorsements in a timely fashion prior to the close of filing for local races.




Section 1 – Procedures

  1. All resolutions must be typed and no longer than one typewritten 8-1/2×11 inch page.
  2. Resolutions must be received by the Chair, the Secretary and the Parliamentarian of this Committee at least 15 days prior to the regular meeting at which the resolution shall be considered.
  3. The sponsor of each resolution shall provide the Secretary with sufficient copies of each resolution for each member and alternate member of this Committee.  The Secretary shall include the above copies of the resolution with the notice of the next regular meeting of this Committee.
  4. Any resolution failing to meet the 15-day notice must have the signatures of a minimum of 10 voting members of this Committee and presented to the Chair and the Parliamentarian for qualification by the day before the regular meeting at which the resolution is to be considered.  Sufficient copies for all members and alternates shall be provided by the sponsor.
  5. All members and alternate members of this Committee shall be given the opportunity to express themselves on the proposed resolution prior to any action being taken.
  6. Resolutions may be approved by a majority vote of the voting members present.




Section 1 – Development

  1. The Committee shall encourage the development of organizations for the purpose of furthering the ideals of the Democratic Party.
  2. All groups operating in Stanislaus County must obtain a charter from the SCDCC or the Chair of the State Democratic Party prior to use of the “Democratic” name.

Section 2 – Use of “Democrat or Democratic” name

  1. The Elections Code of the State of California and several court decisions dictate that the Democratic Party has sole ownership of its name, and the Democratic Party has delegated to each county the sole responsibility for granting permission to use the word Democrat or Democratic name within the county through the chartering process.
  2. No organization without a Charter may use the name Democrat or Democratic in order to raise funds, including dues, in accordance with the Elections Code of the State of California.
  3. SCDCC will actively pursue all legal means available to prevent un-chartered organizations from using the word Democrat or Democratic in their name.

Section 3 – Organizations

  1. Such organizations shall meet the following requirements:
  2. Have a minimum of 20 members whose membership is counted only for qualifying this organization for charter. This Committee may recommend less than 20 members when necessary.
  3. All members must be “registered Democrats” in order to be counted.
  4. Hold a minimum of four (4) meetings each calendar year.
  5. Provide to this Committee a copy of its bylaws, constitution, articles of incorporation, or FPPC Statement of Organization, and FEC if applicable.
  6. Appoint one of its members to act as a liaison to this Committee.
  7. Provide the Committee with a roster of its officers and all members. Roster must include name, address, phone numbers, and if possible e-mail addresses of it’s members
  8. Pay an annual fee to the Committee of $1.00 per member.
  9. Fill out a “Request to Charter Form” provided by SCDCC.
  10. Provide this Committee with current bylaws each year for review; and provide the Committee a copy of any and all revisions at time of adoption.

Section 4 – Charters

  1. The Committee shall grant a charter by a majority vote of the Committee, at which time a Charter Certificate will be given to the charter organization or club.
  2. After approval of Charter, this Committee shall provide a charter certificate to the organization or club.
  3. All organization or club charters must be renewed annually by this Committee.
  4. Charters may be revoked by a majority vote of this Committee.

Section 5 – Policies

  1. Chartered Organizations or Clubs shall not publicly endorse or give support to a candidate who is not a Democrat.
  2. Chartered Organizations or Clubs may endorse a candidate different from the “endorsed candidate of the Party” if said candidate is a Democrat.
  3. Chartered Organizations or Clubs who choose to take stands on ballot issues that differ from the State Party position, must make it clear that they are not speaking for the Party, but for their own organization only.
  4. Chartered Organizations or Clubs and members of, shall not act in a way which will bring discredit to the Democratic Party at any level.




Section 1 – Bylaws Amendment Process

  1. These bylaws may be amended as follows:
  2. A proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting of the Committee.
  3. All Committee members shall be notified of the text of proposed amendment and of the bylaws section(s) to be considered for amendment at least 10 days prior to the next meeting of the Committee when such proposals will be considered.
  4. At the meeting following members’ notification of proposed amendment, the bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the voting members present at the meeting.


Adopted October 25, 1989

Amended September 26, 1990

Amended August 28, 1991

Ratified January 24, 1993

Amended June 23, 1993

Amended September 22, 1993

Amended July, 1994

Ratified January, 1995

Ratified January, 1997

Amended March, 1997

Amended January 28, 1998

Amended August, 1998

Amended September, 1998

Ratified January, 1999

Ratified January, 2001

Amended September2002

Ratified January, 2003

Ratified January 26, 2005

Revised, Amended, and Ratified March 28, 2007

Revised, Amended, and Ratified October 27, 2010

Revised, Amended and Ratified Januay 23, 2013

Revised, Amended and Ratified January 28, 2015

Revised, Amended and Ratified April 19, 2017