The Blue Wave

Out with the Red, in With the Blue

Are you tired of how red Stanislaus County is? Want to be part of the solution? Then come join the Blue Wave as we work to wash away the Red Drought in local politics. Find out how local races work, how you can get involved, and how YOU (yes, YOU!) can run for office THIS YEAR.

The Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee is looking for candidates for local races 2017. We will help you decide whether you want to run or work on a campaign, find out what offices are up for election in your precinct (you will probably be surprised by how many there are), and then work with you to win the race and change the face of Stanislaus County.

What We’re Doing

The SCDCC is putting together a coordinated effort to make the local offices in Stanislaus County blue. Working together with some awesome local and statewide partners, we’re going to be hosting a series of events in order to

  1. Find local blue candidates (that’s probably you!)
  2. Put a Democratic candidate up for every elected race in the county (that’s a lot) THIS YEAR (yes, 2017. yes, there’s an election this year!)
  3. Assist all of our candidates in successfully managing their campaigns and winning their race.

It might sound revolutionary, but we’re going to do what a party is supposed to do, and in the process we’re going to turn these red seats blue!

What You Can Do

We’ve got the energy and the organization, but we need candidates. True, blue candidates who can help us wash away the drought that has turned our local offices red for far too long. That’s where you come in.

We need you to participate in every step of the process, not just on election day. So, here’s your action plan:

  1. Come to the Blue Wave kickoff event at 10am on June 24 at Modesto’s State Theatre, and bring a friend. At this event, you’ll find out what it means to run and what offices you can run for this year. You can RSVP on the event’s Facebook Events page here.
  2. Come to your local training event (more info about these will be given out on June 24th) and work with us to pick a seat you (or your friend, or both!) can run for.
  3. Run for office, win, and represent your community!

Want to Help Another Way?

We need candidates, but we also need financial support to help run the wave. Please take a moment to contribute through our ActBlue link – 100% of the contributions through this link will be earmarked for The Blue Wave, and will not be used for general SCDCC business. This is your opportunity to directly contribute to electing local Democratic officials who will make a difference in your community!

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